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Volume 9 (3); May 25, 2019

Ikebude_and_Onovughe_2019_JCEUResearch Paper

Physico-Chemical Characterization and Ground Water Quality Assessment in Selected Area of Uvwie Local Government in Delta State, Nigeria.

OIkebude Ch.F. and Onovughe E.I.

J. Civil Eng. Urban., 9(3): 17-23, 2019; pii:S225204301900003-9


The status of the ground water in Uvwie local Government Area and its surrounding environment was evaluated in this study. The aim of the research was to evaluate the physico-chemical composition and quality profile of the ground water. A total of twenty samples were collected from boreholes and hand dug wells and analysed. Iron chromatography and titrimetric method were employed for the analysis. The results shows that almost all the physico-chemical parameter such as PH (5.11 -8.46), temperature (24.5oC - 26.8oC) EC (12.87µs/cm -34µs/cm) TDS (6.44mg/l-440mg/l) fall within the limit recommended by WHO and Nigeria Industrial Standard. Chemical parameters has the following results: Cl-(8mg/l - 250mg/l), Na+ (2.13mg/l - 957mg/l) K+ (0.192mg/l - 15.86mg/l) Ca2+ (0.173mg/l - 88.34mg/l), Mn (0.02mg/l-0.43mg/l), Fe2+(0.01mg/l - 1.65mg/l). The concentration of Pb2+ was 0.009mg/l in all locations. All major Ions revealed that concentration is within limits of both standards. The study concludes that the water is save for drinking and domestic purposes. However, bacteriological and radiological test should be researched.

Keywords: Ground water, Boreholes, Dug wells, Iron chromatography, Titrimetric method, WHO, NIS

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